infinite loop

All things that inspire me.

Shot of some graffiti from the movie Style Wars I really liked.  
Digging this poster design.
Sarah Gonzalez

The music video I made for Kimekai finally premiered!  And I just got a response from my favorite artist ever (Leif Podhajsky) that he enjoyed it.  Too cool!

Practicing some painting.  Bout time :)

Just got back from Orcas Island with Erica/Cody/Nils & friends.  Bout to go for a job in the beautiful Seattle sun.

Love everything about this.

Just came across this man (Chet Faker).  So gooood.  Must. Dance.


Got back from NY yesterday. Kicking it in Starbucks getting my grind on.  

Can’t get enough Kimekai lately.  I swear I’m not biased from making a music video for him :)

Benoit Pioulard - Knell - YouTube

Heading back home.


Dreamscape IV (by Rasmus Hartikainen)

Kicking it here at a coffee shop in NYC near Ambers.  

Some screenshots from an upcoming music video I made for the artist Kimekai.  Super talented musician.  Honored to get a chance to support his music through the visuals.

This video worked out far better then I expected.  From start (experimenting in my room) to final edit/color grade it was roughly two weeks.  Pretty thrilled on the outcome.

You can hear some of his music here.  The album gets released the 23rd of June, and it is fannntastic.

Shot from my next video!  Kind of amazing the events that lined up to creating this.  Emailed Alex at Hush Hush Record Label five months ago.  We chatted a bit but committing to a video was too much at the time.
He sends me an email four months later asking to make a video for this guy in Croatia.  I initially turn him down but listened to the track he sent and decided I had to give it a shot, as the song was incredible.