infinite loop

All things that inspire me.

Frank Owen - 1939

Andy Stott - Faith In Strangers

Took a sick day to recover from this cold. Currently working on designing a new webpage for a fitness company.  

This new Andy Stott is soooo goood.

The day I tell myself I’m putting art aside for a bit…

Went out hiking with Kelley, Maureen and Rachel today. I miss the woods already.

Caribou - Back Home

Went out dancing with Erica, B adams, & Maureen at a SZA show. Pleasant surprise of running into some old friends from Portage Bay Cafe.

Starting to fall madly in love with the new Caribou album.

Just made this my phone background yesterday. Woke up this morning and instantly felt happier looking at it. 

Flying Lotus - Turtles

New Flying Lotus & Caribou released today. Feeling preeettty lucky.

Some of my favorite pictures I took from Lopez Island a few weekends ago. Happy birthday Erica :)

Sent :)

This longer video of Max Coopers performance at Decibel surfaced. The building scene never gets old. 

Just got back from Lopez island for my sisters birthday. Got to be around some amazing people. 

Back in Seattle, it feels like fall is here.

Incredible piece at Decebil. Probably the best pairing of visual and music Ive seen. Max Cooper.

Lusine at decibel festival :)